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Baritones & Basses

If you love long, low tones, and have a willingness to be the heavyweight holding down the line, you should be playing baritone. Or, if Adrian Rollini inspires you, make the bass sax your baby. Any of the horns below should satisfy...

  • Horns marked with an asterisk (*) are scheduled for a standard VintageSax pad job. This means the sax will be completely disassembled, cleaned, polished, have necessary dentwork completed, and have any play in the mechanism eliminated. New pads will be floated in, and all corks and felts replaced; typically, I use Ultrasuede on the bar keys and teflon on the sliding surfaces.

Available Models

Conn 12M

This 1931 baritone sax is a fine-playing 12M, and a work of art. It is fully-engraved, from its gold bell to its neck. Portraits include a nude ribbon dancer, a cabin in the woods, and another nude woman dancing on the back of a swan. This 12M has all new silver- and gold-plate, and all the scenes are recreations from portraits done by Conn's great engravers. New flat metal resonator pads seal perfectly on rolled tone holes, and help give a full, dark, and rich tone with great projection. New case included. Affectionately named "Son of Beast", this 12M has a 14M sibling with similar engravings...please check out its big brother bass named "The Beast", below.

Serial: 245xxx
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Conn 14M

This 1930 Conn bass is a rarity, even without its full-body engraving. "The Beast" is fully-keyed to high F, has rolled tone holes, and a full rebuild which includes custom-made, oversized, flat metal resonator pads and all new finish. Silver plate has a mirror-like finish, and the gold-plated bell interior is stunning! Engraving portraits on this 14M include a nude ribbon dancer, a cabin in the woods, and a nude dancing on the back of a swan. The 14M neck is perfect, and also is engraved. The 14M was Conn's last, and many think best, bass sax. It plays and feels more like a big tenor because if its redesigned bore and modern key action. Comes with a Reunion Blues leather bag.

Serial: 244xxx
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